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Mustang Woodcrafters 4 Guncart
The Mustang Woodcrafters 4 Guncart is the top of the line with all the bells and whistles you could ask for. You can customize your cart with several options.

The base cart comes with the Ammo and accessory boxes
 but you can also include:
-Cooler rack
-Umbrella holder
-Spent Shell Box
-Engraving options
-Wagon Wheels (upgrade option from solid rubber or inflatable)


- The Umbrella holder allows you to insert any beach umbrella (up to 1 1/4" diameter) into the holder to keep you in the shade or your guns out of the rain. 
- The Spent Shell Box is smaller version of the ammo and accessory box that matches the box joints. It can easily be removed to be taken to the unloading table to save all your spent shells to be reloaded later. 
-Engraving options include the SASS logo, your alias, or a picture. Just email us the font or graphic you would like and we can engrave it for you. 
2017 model which includes: Cart in your choice of finish, ammo box, accessory box, cooler rack, umbrella holder, spent shell box, and engraving options. 

 Customized for you for $629.95
Normally $729.95

Mustang Woodcrafters 4 Gun Cart with both boxes (ammo and accessory box) and cooler rack. 
Mustang Woodcrafters 4 Gun Cart with the ammo box and accessory box only. 

To customize your cart, let us know what you are looking for and we will send you a price. 

Some shooters like to customize their cart with some options but not all. Others like to have a backup or extra box. Some shooters even like to have a two-toned cart. Some shooters even like to have a bigger accessory box or ammo box. Whatever you need, we can make it to your specification. 
 Customized for you for $449.95
Normally $549.95

Customized for you for $494.95
Normally $594.95

High Planes 
Hickory finish
Red River 
Cherry Finish
Maple finish
Wagon Wheel 
Walnut Finish
Finish Option
Finish Option
Finish Option
Add the extras you want to your cart here:

-Umbrella holder. Two pieces of oak, stained to match your finish color. One holds the umbrella base near the wheels of the cart and the other holds the shaft of the umbrella near the handle of the cart. 

-You can add engraving options (we can engrave your alias, the official SASS logo, or you can email us a graphic to engrave)

-Spent Shell Box. Looks just the accessory box but smaller and square that hangs off the side of the cart. Designed to be easily removed to take to the unloading table to save all your spent shells. 

Additional options
Choose what kind of tires you would like. 
What kind of wheels/tires would you like?
Back by popular demand, the "Best Option" Guncart sale is back but only for the first 10 customers. 

Please note that all orders placed will not be started until AFTER we return from our honeymoon (we are getting married 9-23-17 and returning from our honeymoon on 10-16-17). 

I love all of you, but I love my future wife more (sorry, not sorry) and I need to devote the next few weeks before our big day solely on that. 
High Planes            Light                 Rich Red          Red River          Cool Black                      Wagon             
Hickory                   Maple                Chestnut          Cherry                Cherry                            Wheel
Cool Black
Cherry Finish
-Solid Rubber is the standard. 
-Inflatable wheels are lighter and perfect for those looking for the lightest cart possible. 
-Wooden Wagon Wheels. Rubber tire for ease of rolling over dirt, gravel, or hills. Stained and finished to match the cart. Perfect match for the perfect shooters.