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About Mustang Woodcrafters Gun Carts
Here, you can see in a nut shell all the options available to you to customize your cart. 

​Step one: Choose a cart model. There are two kinds of carts we offer:

    A) The Unfinished Mustang Cart. This is the same model as out top of the line cart but it comes completely unfinished. You can then finish the cart how you would like (stain or paint your cart. 
    B) The Mustang Woodcrafters 4 Gun Cart. This is the top of the line model. It comes fully finished with the stain of your choice and you can add all the accessories you want. It comes with an accessory box (for keys, wallet, cell phone, sun glasses, etc) and an ammo box that doubles as a padded seat for those times when you need to put your feet up on the range. 

Step two: Choose the finish:
Only available for the Mustang Woodcrafters 4 Gun Cart, the finishing options include:
    A) High Planes Hickory
    B) Cimmaron Maple
    C) Rich Red Chestnut
    D) Red River Cherry
    E) Cool Black Cherry
    F) Wagon Wheel Walnut

Step three: Choose the accessories:
There are several options available for the carts. They include:
    A) Rubber feet. This is a rubber foot that would be screwed to the bottom of the front foot. When the cart is assembled and upright, the cart has three points of contact with the ground; the two wheels and the front foot. The foot is unprotected and is susceptible to dents, dings, scratches, and even splintering from the unforgiving terrain at the range. Protect the foot with a rubber cover that would be screwed to the foot giving your cart an added level of protection when youre on the range keeping your cart in peek performance for the best of your shooting. 
    B) Umbrella holder. Two pieces of oak wood stained and finished to match the cart with holes that allow you to insert your own beach umbrella. Any normal beach umbrella (with a pole less than 1 1/4" diameter) will work. Keep your guns out of the rain or you in the shade on those hot or rainy days at the range. 
    C) Spent shell box. Made with the same box joints and hinges as the accessory box. Completed with a leather strap and able to be taken off the cart so you can collect your spent shells at the unloading table. Attached to the cart with two keyhole screws for easy removal. Stained and finished to match the cart. 
    D) Engraving options. We have a CNC engraver that allows us to engrave the official SASS logo on the side of the cart or you can engrave your alias on the front bumper (or both). 
    E) Cooler rack. A matching shelf that is removable  from the cart allows you a shelf to put your lunch box or cooler for those long days on the range.