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The most common question we get is "how big is your cart?" Here are dimensions to help. 
Standing upright, and assembled,  cart measures:
48 1/4" high (from wheel base to top of the handle)
30" long (from the front bumper to the back of the cooler rack. 27" w/o cooler rack)
21" wide (the axle is the widest part of the cart)
Folded, the cart has different dimensions. Seen here, the cart is:
16 7/8" high
31" long (from where it hinges to the back of the wheels)
21" wide.
The Ammo Box - Largest box
Outside dimensions
13 1/2" wide (w/o handles)
9" long
8 1/2" high 

Inside usable space for the ammo box

12" wide
7 1/2" long
6 1/4" high
Accessory box - Smaller box
Outside dimensions
13 1/8" wide
4 7/8" long
5" high

Inside usable space for the accessory box

11 15/16" wide
3 11/16" long
4 1/8" high
Cooler rack
Overall size
13 1/8" ​wide
15 1/4" long
2 3/4" high

Usable cooler rack space for cooler

13 1/8" wide
 8 3/4" long
 2 3/4" high
Please note, because every cart is hand made, there may be slight variations of the dimensions of the sizes from cart to cart. If you require a specific size for any dimension, please let us know that so we can make it perfectly for you. The dimensions noted below are for the Mustang Unfinished Cart and the Mustang Woodcrafters 4 Guncart. 
*Note - Because all of our carts are hand made, the dimensions may vary from cart to cart slightly*
Empty Shell Box
Outside dimensions
4 7/8" wide
4 7/8" long
5 5/8" high

Inside usable space for the empty shell box

3 11/16" wide
3 11/16" long
3 11/16" high