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Here are several testimonials from customers who love their Mustang Woodcrafters Gun Carts and Boxes. 


Josh, everything is exactly like you described! I got in today from a business trip and my Gun Cart had arrived. I just put it together and absolutely love it! My wife does also. I cannot wait to show this off at a SASS shoot. My firearms fit perfectly and securely. I have shared with some of my Facebook Shooting groups and everyone is envious! I shared your website!

Thanks again.
Joe D B.
Cowtown Kid
Goodhope, GA

Josh, Received my cart today. The box looked like it had a very rough trip but there wasn't a mark on the cart thanks to your packing. The cart workmanship is beautiful you did an excellent job I am going to finish it with a clear satin finish. I want the workmanship to show and I have to tell you I would be proud to take this cart any where. Thank you again for a wonderful product and quick turn around.

Edward S. 
Albuquerque, NM

Josh, Got my cart and it was even better than expected. Extremely high quality workmanship and materials. I don't expect to have to get another one as this one will last the rest of my life. Not only is the cart beautiful it is very functional as well as light-weight and easy to handle and break down for transport. Thanks, 

Bob D.
Flint, MI

Hi Josh,

I received the cart this morning, got it all put together and it looks great, the color looks amazing, craftsmanship of the cart is excellent. Thanks for making the changes for me. I'm very pleased with the way it turned out. Good doing business with you.

Sam E., aka "Lead Bone"


Hey Josh

Really like the shooters box. Quality and construction is excellent. This is a box that should last 100 years. The box was well packed and arrived with no damages. The only suggestion I have is the red cherry turned out a little pink so I put another coat of Poly Shade Bombay Mahogany stain and it is perfect.
Box is worth the cost.
Thanks for reaching out.

Shannon G. 
Decorah, IA 


I received the cart yesterday and It is great. Looks and works great. Your craftsmanship is superb. I will take this cart to the shooting event in February and hopefully will get you some leads to build for some of these guys in Florida. Thanks - Ron

Ron C.
Saint Petersburg, FL


Hope you can download this as our computer is acting up but here he is with your great cart. Works so well.

He is really happy with it. Loads easy in and out of the SUV.  
He was very surprised and thrilled. 

Thanks again.

Karen J.
Hamilton, MT


Following up on the cart. Arrived in time. Thanks. Looks good and got some nice comments at the shoot on Saturday. Several people liked the etching touch on the side and the name. Thanks again. Easier to get around with those large wheels.

Patrick H.
Alexandria, VA


Got my cart yesterday and it's a beauty... Thank you so much !!

Ralph H.
Fleming Island, FL 


Hey Josh.
Attached are a couple of photos of my finished cart. I think it looks pretty nice in satin black. But man was that a lot of work and waiting! I had to disassemble to stain it properly and then decided to recover the padded rests with red leather and add a little extra brass. Taking it to my first shoot Saturday! Your carts look awesome and it's nice to be able to support an Ohio business.

Thanks again! Great workmanship and I'm very happy with the result.

Tony B. 
Alliance, OH


Hi Josh,

Cart looks great!!

Very solid sturdy design. I like how it breaks down for easy transporting. I like how the handle is in the back top center so you can use one hand to move it around instead of handles on each side. The cart will last me a long time.

Tucson, AZ


Thank you for making me the cart. I received it on Friday, perfect time because I had a shoot today. It is just what I wanted, worked great. I will definitely recommend this to my friends.

Whispering Tom T.
Bridgeton, NJ 


Hi Josh the bumper came today it looks great! I think it will be a big hit. Thanks very much

Rod (Gun Totin Doc)
Hilliard, Ohio


Hi Josh,

Thank-you! My grandson thinks the cart is great!! That means a lot.

Ken R.
St. Paul, MN 


I have one of your gun carts love it!!

George K.
Antioch, Illinois



Gun cart well received !
Gun cart is goddious, my CAS shooting buddies will be jealous 

Richard G.
Marseille, France