Mustang Woodcrafters
Mustang Woodcrafters
  • Custom Gun Carts for SASS

    Let us make your personalized Mustang Woodcrafters guncart. 
    Customize it with your alias engraved on the front bumper, the SASS logo on the side of the cart, and all kinds of accessories including 
    ammo box, 
    accessory box, 
    spent shell box, 
    cooler rack, 
    Pistol holder,
    and umbrella holder. 
    Sets up and tears down in seconds without tools. 
    Able to be transported easily in any car trunk with room to spare. 
    Easy to push or pull for any age shooter. 
    Comfortable seat for those long down times at the range. 
    Customize your gun cart

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Making Wood Beautiful.

  • Mustang Woodcrafters has been around since 2000 when Louis Manning and his wife, Karla started it up as a hobby. Since then Louis has hand made hundreds of carts and shipped them around the globe. 
  • On Feb. 16, 2016, Josh Lurie, an apprentice of Louis, bought the business and is continuing hand making all of the carts. Josh (Mustang Josh) enjoys working on every cart and handcrafting every bit of the carts to perfection. 
  • Mustang Woodcrafters is family-owned and operated right here in Troy, OH, USA.

New Add-ons!

 Like what you see? 

4 pistol holder ----->
<---- 2 pistol holder with cup holder

Take your mind off your small arms and rest on the comfortable padded seat. 

Instructions on how to modify your current cart will be included. 

The only tools needed would be an Allen Wrench and a drill bit. 

Stained in your choice to match your cart. 

Limited Time Price of $99.99 + Shipping.

Pens, boxes, cell phone accessories, plinko boards... We got a lot of custom wooden gifts that are perfect for the ones you love!

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