Mustang Woodcrafters
Mustang Woodcrafters
Leaders in the wooden folding guncart. 

All of our guncarts fold down in seconds without tools!
Customize your Mustang Woodcrafters Guncart
stain options


Pick from 7 unique finishes: Unfinished, High Plains Hickory, Cimmeron Maple, Rich Red Chestnut, Red River Cherry, Cool Black Cherry, Wagon Wheel Walnut

Wheel Options

Multiple wheel options for the budget conscious or full period-feel. 

(displayed from left to right: Wagon Wheel, Solid Rubber, Inflatable)

wheel options for gun cart
add ons for gun cart


Cooler rack, Umbrella holder, Spent Shell box, 2 Pistol Holder with cup holders, 4 Pistol Holders, Accessories box, and more!


Add your name, logo, design or SASS logo to your cart. 

Quality Carpentry

All of the boxes are put together using the same "box joints". This kind of jointing allows for a long lasting, sturdy, and rugged design. The box joints look great and are period appropriate.

No Tools Required!

Latches and thumb screws hold the entire cart together and expedite setup and teardown with ease in seconds without tools.

Extra Protection

We protect all points where your gun(s) may come into contact with the cart by putting padding at the bottom of the lower unit so the butts of your guns aren't damaged. We also add a foam tube around the axle, and pad the backs of all the cart with matching vinyl. 

Dominos and Pocket Hole Screws

This involves cutting a rectangular hole in two pieces of wood and glueing in a domino shaped piece of wood securing a rigid and permeant hold. It's then combined with extra holding power with pocket hole screws. 

Alder Wood

Alder wood is a nice wood that works well, has a long life, is light weight, and very strong. We order our wood from a local distributer who mills their lumber from trees fallen in the USA.  

Lifetime Warranty

If anything should happen to your cart because of craftsmanship, we will make it right for you, hassle free. We guarantee that.

Made in the USA

Hand crafted for the past 17 years in Troy, OH US

Start customizing your cart
Please note, because every cart is hand made, there may be slight variations of the dimensions of the sizes from cart to cart. If you require a specific size for any dimension, please let us know that so we can make it perfectly for you. 
The dimensions noted below are for the Mustang Woodcrafters 4 Guncart

gun cart standing up

Standing upright, and assembled,  cart measures:
48 1/4" high (from wheel base to top of the handle)
30" long (from the front bumper to the back of the cooler rack. 27" w/o cooler rack)

21" wide (the axle is the widest part of the cart)
Outside dimensions without axel: 13 1/4"
Inside dimensions (between uprights) 11 3/4"
gun cart

Folded, the cart has different dimensions. Seen here, the cart is:
16 7/8" high
31" long (from where it hinges to the back of the wheels)

21" wide.
 Ammo Box (largest box)Accessory box - Smaller box Empty Shell Box:  Cooler Rack: 
Outside Dimensions 
13 1/2" wide (w/o handle)
9" long
8 1/2" high 
13 1/8" wide
4 7/8" long
5" high
4 7/8" wide
4 7/8" long
5 5/8" high
13 1/8" ​wide
15 1/4" long
2 3/4" high
Inside Dimensions (usable space) 
12" wide
7 1/2" long
6 1/4" high

11 15/16" wide
3 11/16" long
4 1/8" high
3 11/16" wide
3 11/16" long
3 11/16" high
13 1/8" wide
 8 3/4" long
 2 3/4" high

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